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Tina in a winter scenery :-)

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About us

GO-GO NARCOTIC Bullbandit & AXEL Narcotic

"The only friend, which you can have on this word is the one who never leaves you, the one which isn't ungrateful or insidious, is a dog. It kisses a hand which cannot give him food, it licks wounds sustain in the clash with the brutal world. When all friends are gone he will stay." - George G. Vest


Welcome to my site the American Staffordshire Terrier kennel - NARCOTIC DREAM

My name is Marta and I live with my dogs in beauty city Chrzanów. My first dog this amazing breed which is Amercian Staffordshire Terrier was Axel Narcotic. He arrived to our home on spring 2007. He is a dog with great temperament and eksterier. He loves people and animals and always want to play :). On spring 2009 has joined to our family SbigStaff DEIMA MY RED GIRL.

Our dogs make us very happy and give us so much satisfaction.
I invite you to gallery our dogs.

Best regards
Marta Chalicz



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